06512 extractions

06512 Extractions

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Dental extractions in 06512

06512 extractions
06512 extractions

No one wants to lose a tooth, but it’s not always in your power to decide otherwise. If a tooth is badly infected and not likely to benefit from root canal therapy, or if it is fractured or decayed beyond repair, the only option will be our 06512 extractions. At the office of Carl P. Prota, DMD, you can be assured of gentle, expert care so that you will have the utmost of comfort and high confidence in the result.

You can minimize the possibilities of losing a tooth by brushing twice per day, flossing before bed, minimizing your intake of sugar, and having twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings at our office. However, there is no way to guarantee 100% that you will never need to have our 06512 extractions. The most obvious and common sign is a toothache. When you come in our, dentist will examine the tooth and take x-rays to determine the appropriate treatment. If it turns out to be removal of the tooth, you will be sufficiently numbed with local anesthesia beforehand so that the procedure is painless. Once the tooth is taken out, you will be advised to eat only soft foods for the first 24 hours. Choose items like broth, pudding, and gelatin, that you do not have to chew. Rinse frequently with warm salt water, and take over-the-counter pain relief medication as needed. If you have any residual swelling, hold an ice pack on the outside of your mouth. You’ll want to discuss replacing the tooth and an implant may be the perfect option for you. If so, and if you qualify, it may be possible to begin the process immediately after your tooth has been removed. This will give you a head start on the completion of the implant and save you an additional procedure.

To schedule our 06512 extractions by contacting our office to set up a prompt appointment.

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