East Haven extractions

East Haven Extractions

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Dental extractions in East Haven

East Haven extractions
East Haven extractions

Getting a tooth extracted doesn’t have to provoke anxiety or fear. At the office of Carl P. Prota, DMD, it is a virtually painless experience. You may need to have a tooth removed due to severe decay, an infected tooth that cannot be saved, a failed root canal, or in the case of wisdom teeth, because they have grown in crooked, only partially, or have become impacted.

The process of our East Haven extractions is similar whether it is a wisdom tooth or any other tooth. The first thing to take into account is the positioning of the tooth. Some are easier to access than others. To begin with, local anesthesia will be administered to ensure your optimal comfort. You will feel the pressure that is being exerted to loosen the tooth and remove it, but you should not feel pain. The gums typically must be cut so that the root of the tooth can be reached. If any bone tissue is blocking the tooth, a common occurrence with wisdom teeth, that bone is removed. Some bone may also be connected to the tooth, and if so that will be detached to make for a smooth process. In the case of wisdom teeth especially, there are nerves and bone that have to be navigated around. It is vital that they are not damaged, and this is why you should rely on an experienced and skilled practitioner like Dr. Prota. Some teeth must be taken out in pieces. Stitches are applied afterward, and gauze used to stem any residual bleeding. If the tooth was not a wisdom tooth, you can begin the process of getting a replacement, such as a dental implant. You may even be able to have it started as part of the same procedure that your natural tooth is taken out.

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