East Haven same day dentist

East Haven Same Day Dentist

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Same day dentistry in East Haven

East Haven same day dentist
East Haven same day dentist

Same day dentistry is ideal for patients who need immediate dental care. Some of the services our East Haven same day dentist provides are repairs for damaged or broken dentures, replacing teeth, repairing cracks or fractures in teeth or adjusting dentures or braces. It’s important to fix dentures or braces if they have broken or are having problems so that they can be fixed and put back to normal, before any damage happens to the teeth or the structure.

If you’re looking for the best and most caring East Haven same day dentist, you’ve come to the right place at the offices of Carl P. Prota, DMD. Our office and staff are friendly, caring and patient as you come in for your procedure and discuss possible treatment options with us. One same day dental procedure is the mini implant. Many patients are looking for implants but may not have enough space to place a traditional one. A mini implant can be used in this case, as it requires less space. They can be placed in less time and recovery times much quicker. Mini implants are also more financially feasible for some patients and less minimally invasive.

Mini implants can also support a denture quicker than traditional implants can. Our East Haven same day dentist provides a wide range of services and individual attention for each of our patients, which really sets us apart from other practices. Patients can also pay their bills online, schedule appointments and read about our specials. Currently we’re running a $99 new patient special which includes X-rays, a new patient exam and a cleaning. Also, for those patients who refer others, we will give a $25 credit upon referral. Call Dr. Prota today for more info and to meet or speak with one of our friendly staff members!

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